Quieting the Mind

When the world gets busy and it seems like we never have a moment to ourselves.  We often do not realize that our thoughts can keep us just as busy as the actual activities that we engage in.  Finding those moments to just shut it down can be hard especially when it feels like the thoughts just keep coming.  Yet we can give ourselves permission to take a break from our thoughts and appreciate the moment.  Sound easier said than done? 

It Really Isn’t

  • Try starting with one small activity a day (something that you already do such as brushing your teeth, driving in the car, taking a shower) preferably one where you regularly find yourself thinking. 
  • Give yourself that few minutes and commit to being completely present in the activity (hint: your mind will absolutely wander, and you will need to remind it to focus on what you are doing).
  • Focus on your activity, how does the toothbrush feel in your hand, how many times do you go back and forth on the same tooth, what does the toothpaste taste like…you get the idea. 
  • Complete this same activity for a week and then add another, being present takes practice, and while practice does not need to equal perfection, this activity is easier than you think!!


  1. I need to practice shutting off my mind. My mind tends to wander a lot 😂!
    Great advice; I’ll start with being present when brushing my teeth, then I’ll do the same when I write also. I’m excited.
    Thank you so much!

    1. What a great place to start! Change is easiest when we implement it in our small activities we do every day!

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