When all you can do is laugh: Everyday Demonstrations of Educator Resilience

One thing the pandemic has forced us to realize is that we are not in control

  • Gone are the days of feeling completely prepared with your lesson plan and class activities only to be replaced by a constant state of resting anticipatory energy. 
  • We are constantly poised for the next crisis and the never-ending challenges that pop up just when we are celebrating a small moment of success. 
  • We have grown so accustomed to putting out fires that we no longer know what it is like to feel comfortable. 
  • We can now be overheard talking to ourselves asking if the universe is plotting against us, pleading to have just one day where nothing goes wrong, and if the stars could please align and my coworkers will not have touched the technology settings before I arrive for my next class.
  • We count the days until the school year ends, dream of a return to normalcy; with a classroom of students that we feel connected to and wonder how we will make it to the end of the year.

There are just so many days where all you can do is laugh

  • The days where you have an amazing activity planned and have finally learned to master break out rooms only to find that zoom has crashed, and the school internet is out. 
  • The days where you spill coffee as you are leaving the house and question if you should bother to go back in to change since no one is in your classroom anyways. 
  • Where once excellence was expected, we now expect dogs to eat homework, to hear “excuse me your microphone is muted,” and to wear two different shoes but not notice until we are already at work.

Yet, when all we do is laugh, we are resilient.

When all we do is laugh, we are coping.

We are doing our very best in imperfect situations

When all we do is laugh, we are succeeding.

They say laughter is the best medicine, and while we find ourselves wondering how we can possibly be laughing in the face of surmounting challenges, we are doing exactly what is needed to restore our balance, decrease our stress, and inspire the hope needed to come back again tomorrow.

What did you laugh at today?

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